With 16 facilities in 11 states and over 1,300 employees, we are America's #1 Pallet Builder.
We're Still The One
PalletOne is the largest new pallet manufacturer in the United States. It is committed to being the low cost, high service provider that customers call first when looking for pallet solutions. The Company offers unparalleled expertise with over 40 years experience in the pallet industry. PalletOne is focused on continually improving its ability to produce pallets at the lowest possible cost and strives to be the best at meeting the customer's expectations.

Financial Highlights
 Revenues are in excess of $200 million
 Total assets exceed $100 million
 Management-owned corporation

Corporate Officers
 Howe Wallace
CEO, President and
Chairman of the Board

 Casey Fletcher
Vice President and
Chief Financial Officer

 Keith Reinstetle
Vice President, Sales

At a glance:
 As the nation's largest new pallet manufacturer, PalletOne has the largest pallet inventory and greatest pallet assembly capacity in the United States.

 Operates 16 facilities in 11 states and employs over 1,300 people.

 PalletOne is privately owned by Company management that has remained in place for well over 20 years.

 Corporate Headquarters: Bartow, FL

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