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PalletOne is committed to providing quality products and customized services, making us the high-value supplier customers call first when looking for pallet solutions. We offer unparalleled expertise with over 40 years experience in the pallet industry. PalletOne is focused on continually improving its ability to produce pallets at the lowest possible cost and strives to be the best at meeting the customer’s expectations.

As the nation’s largest new pallet manufacturer, PalletOne has the largest pallet inventory and greatest pallet assembly capacity in the United States, processing over 200 million board feet annually We own and operate pallet manufacturing facilities and sawmills throughout the eastern United States.

Our Environmental Scorecard

Did you know 100% of PalletOne’s products are recyclable? In addition to recycling wood pallets, we also manage our waste stream to upcycle all of our by-products including sawdust, wood chips and mulch. Here’s our green scorecard from last year:

Wood Pallets

Produced For Re-Use


Co2 Emission

Tons Saved


Landfill Waste

Tons Saved


Read more about how the environmental scorecard measures
company savings and reduces waste.

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Pallet Products

New Pallets

Our new pallets provide you with the best possible value through consistent quality and performance.

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Pallet Recycling

PalletOne offers a variety of common and custom-sized recycled pallets to meet your needs.

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Custom Boxes

For potatoes, citrus, vegetables and industrial products or other hard-working storage and transport

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Replacement Parts

As the largest pallet manufacturer in the country, we maintain a large inventory of pallet replacements

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Pallet Services


Unit Load Consulting

We guarantee our unit load consulting services will reduce your pallet costs. Using the principles of systems based design.

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WareHouse Solutions

Our team of trained professionals offers unparalleled expertise in solving your warehouse challenges.Our pallet experts have developed.

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Pallet Repair Programs

We can pick up, repair, and return your pallets in a timely manner, offering quality repairs to your specifications.

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Industrial Recycling

PalletOne’s Industrial Recycling Division offers complete “zero-to-landfill” programs and services for businesses seeking the disposal.

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