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 In a Harvard Business Review article written by Lori Goler, Janelle Gale, Brynn Harrington and Adam Grant, the authors referred to some surveys they do at Facebook which collects information on what their employees want.

According to the authors, they found very little difference among employees of all ages and occupations. When it comes to a job, every employee seeks a career, a community, and a cause.

Career means meaningful work. They want their job to matter. A career is perceived better when it allows for some independence, some choice, opportunities to grow and develop. It’s our duty as an employer to make sure we define why each job is important and how it matters.

Community means being connected. We communicate connection in many ways. We praise people. We endeavor to know them and their goals. We take steps to help them meet their goals. We respect their ideas. We learn about them out of work.

Cause means that what we do matters. People desire our products. In pallets, we help assure the massive supply chain worldwide works. Products are shipped and stored effectively. They are shelves safely. We make sure the manufacturing process goes well. Pallets move the world.

Our treating business adds value. Our treatments assure products last. They are used to construct great spaces for recreation and enjoyment at affordable prices. Our cause resonates with customers.

I’ve been blessed with a great career with a caring community which fulfills a significant cause. I hope you can report the same.

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