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“All successful leaders know where we want to go, figure out a way we believe will get the organization there, and then move forward with absolute determination.” Bill Walsh

Walsh is a Hall of Famer known for his ability to build successful football teams.

This formula is starkly simple.

Where do you want your team to go? Knowing where you want to go is the push that moves you and your team each day. We all have the experience of being on teams or having the personal experience of “drifting” along. We shouldn’t tolerate drifting for an extended period of time. Decisions on directions and destinations get us on track.

What will get the organization there? Make a plan, communicate it and get going. Successful teams take action. They move with agility. Though mistakes or misfortune may occur, they read, react and keep moving. Bias for action and steady movement is the key to progress.

Move with determination? Leaders believe. Belief fuels confidence and courage. When we are trying to accomplish something significant as a team, it isn’t easy. Obstacles appear. Moments of fear and doubt arise. Determined leaders are the voice of encouragement. They invent on the fly. They keep things moving. They are determined to succeed.

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