Anger Deserves Action; Make It Thoughtful

“Anger is a signal that there is a problem. It is usually not a good tool to fix the problem.” Danny Wuerffel

I’ve found this to be true.

Anger is real. It is evoked by less than ideal circumstances. Those circumstances cause a reaction. Frequently, the angry reaction does not serve to correct the situation.

Most times, to be effective, anger should trigger a pause. The impulsive response to strike out at the situation or to provide some sort of physical reaction should be avoided.

Retreats work. Retreat physically. Move to a different location. Remove yourself from the angry situation.

Retreat mentally. Dig deep on the situation which evoked the emotion. Look at it from all angles. Consider the dynamics. Seek help from others to assess the situation. Plan a response.

While retreating from the situation can be a good strategy- ignoring it, avoiding it, evading it- is not.

The problems that cause anger deserve action. But, a planned, thoughtful approach executed under a controlled situation will achieve better results.

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