Another Week of Hard Work

It’s Friday, and I want to thank you for another week of hard work.

We have over 1,400 folks who steadfastly show up and perform the things necessary to help us succeed in the markets we serve.

When you think about it, the commitment and cooperation necessary to get this done is amazing.

Every pallet board produced has to be strong enough to do its job. You made sure that was so.

The pallets must be the right size. Our success in achieving that consistency assures our customers’ plants run efficiently and their products are loaded, shipped and delivered as promised. It begins with you.

Our accounting staff facilitates the billing and payment of millions of dollars a day. The care we make to get it right assures timely payment and adequate funds to meet the obligations generated by our enterprises.

We traveled the highways to deliver our goods. We navigated safely, as we do most weeks. We assured that the world kept moving.

We treated lumber, labeled it, shipped it. It carries the right amount of chemical to assure that the structures built from it will last and be enjoyed.

Our support teams worked to keep our computers working, our bathrooms clean and our customers satisfied.

I appreciate that you care about your work and the way you approach it. I love having the opportunity to work amongst you. I’m proud to be part of this team.

Should say it more often. Please know I believe it every day. Thank you.


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