Anything you focus on will get better.

Joe Rogers who was the founder of the iconic restaurant chain Waffle House had a saying: “Anything you focus on will get better.”

Makes sense, doesn’t it?  Focus brings intention.  Intention usually is followed with action.

When it comes to our operation and your role in it, are you focused on making something better?

At PalletOne, we believe nothing stays the same.  If you aren’t getting better, you are getting worse.  Therefore, if what we are doing is to do the same as last week and last year, chances are we are going to fall back.

I was listening to a leadership podcast by Andy Stanley.  He said at his churches, the goal to getting better is “evaluating” and “incorporating.”

Every church service, every program, every event is evaluated.  What went well? How do we repeat it? What didn’t work? How do we improve it? Bringing a regularity and discipline to evaluation helps you to refine that focus that ensures you get better.

“Incorporating” means that you shouldn’t feel bad about taking good things you see elsewhere and putting them to use.  There is no pride in ownership.  There is no pride in authorship.  They work consistently to see what the competition and others are doing that is better than what we do.  They copy it.  Adapt it.  Incorporate it.

Take a look around.  What can you point to that shows we are better this week than we were last week?  If you can’t point it out, we are drifting.  Focus on something.  Make it better.

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