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There was a study of email behavior at a large company.  The study determined that email behavior was a predictor of customer satisfaction.  

We all have customers.  Some are paying customers that buy our products.  Others are internal customers, those that count on us to help them get their jobs complete.  

Here’s what the study found:  

  • Customers want a direct response.  Delays because you’re doing research or asking someone else are undesired.  They want answers.  They want to know the plan.  Silence is frustrating.  
  • Customers want simple responses.  You don’t have to use big words and sentences.  It doesn’t have to be flowery.  Sentences are better than paragraphs.  
  • Customers want quick responses.  If they must ask twice, you’re losing ground.  

Direct, simple, quick.  That’s a communication strategy that works.

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