“Define yourself by what you love.” – Tim Minchin

Ran across this Australian comedian Tim Minchin giving a commencement address to students at the University of Western Australia. He spoke of nine life lessons which were a bit unconventional, but wise. Here’s the link to the speech:

One of the lessons was the quote above: “Define yourself by what you love.”

He makes the point in his speech about a tendency we have to focus on and put our voice to things we dislike, disapprove, don’t like the taste, irritate, criticize, or peeve.

We let the negatives impact us.  It makes us cynical.  It causes skepticism.  It turns our hearts to things we fear.  It occupies too much space in our heads.  It oozes out of our bodies and becomes our personality.

So, he recommends we take the other side.

Speak of what we love.  Recommend it.  Encourage more of it.  Celebrate it.  Help others to experience it.  Give it freely, unconditionally.  Lavish it on folks closest to you.

It’s a better existence, defining our life by who and what we love.

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