Embrace Opportunities for Change

“All change isn’t progress. But there’s no progress without change.” – John Wooden, greatest college basketball coach ever

What’s your change makeup?

My experience is that most people resist it. They naturally seek patterns and order. They build habits around those patterns. For the most part, the habitual stuff works. So an attitude forms: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

There are others at the far extreme. They change so often that it appears carefree, whimsical. They are slaves to the newest fashion. They switch on a dime. They are unpredictable and cavalier. Most folks don’t like being part of their program.

Coach Wooden’s teams won 10 national championships back in the 1960/70s era. He was a teetotaler, a straight-laced disciplinarian. He gave the impression that he was inflexible but, in fact, he was constantly tweaking his team and his strategy to stay on top. When you consider the balance of his career, he introduced many innovations through his career and modified rules of engagement over time.

Wooden’s quote reminds us: If you resist all change, you will lose ground. So, be open to new ideas. Be known as a listener. Be intentional about trying new things. When they offer the opportunity for change, move ahead.

When you look back over your last few years are there changes you initiated in your life? Are you better for them?

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