A clear distinction one will consistently see when visiting our diverse plants is that “we work in engaged teams.”

That’s a big statement. It involves:

  • Work – I’ve given company tours for 38 years.  A common comment is how active our employees are.  While we are making progress on automating tasks to make jobs less rigorous, most of our jobs require sustained physical effort.  Our requirements to fulfill daily customer needs involves constant motion.  In most jobs, working in our operations requires hard work and results in spent energy.
  • Engaged – While our jobs can be repetitive, they require focus and skill.  Our teammates can make jobs look easier than they are.  Many new teammates mistake the practiced efforts of their more experienced colleagues as easy to follow.  Doesn’t take long before one realizes that there is an economy of movement in our work that requires training, practice, and focus.
  • Teams – Most of our jobs require teamwork.  From colleagues who share the burden of effort to teammates who line up raw material, coordinate shipments, and create precise supply chain solutions – our efforts are highly synchronized and are built on teams working together and relying on each other to do our jobs.

Our plants are distinctive by the work we do as engaged teams.

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