Travis and Jason Kelce are brothers who play in the NFL.  Jason is a center for the Philadelphia Eagles.  Travis is a star tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs.  Each have won a Super Bowl ring.

The Kelce’s were the subject of a recent Sports Illustrated article that highlighted their different personalities, but also revealed how their approach to the game was aligned.

“Formula for winning – passion, leadership, curiosity, smarts, love.”

Exhibiting passion distinguishes them.  They approach every practice with high energy.  They don’t take plays off.  Their passion is contagious.  Others step up their game because of them.

Leadership.  They do more than lead by example.  They speak up.  They hold teammates accountable.  They maintain the high standards necessary to succeed and make sure the rest of the team is successful.

Curiosity.  The status quo isn’t good enough.  Their careers have been marked by improvement each year.  They credit their discipline to “always inquire and observe how to better themselves.”

Smarts.  The curiosity leads to them becoming experts in their field. Their intuition is honed.  They see things others don’t see.  They make moves that aren’t apparent to others.  Their knowledge of their trade sets them apart.

Love.  They care genuinely about their teammates.  The capacity to know and to care about each other on your team is the special sauce.  Where there’s no unconditional love and caring, the Kelce’s believe there is no chance to win.

Their combination of traits is powerful.  Do they apply to the teams you’re on?

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