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Wherever you land on the political spectrum, it’s hard not respect the legacy of George H.W. Bush, our 41st President, who passed away this weekend.

Faithful husband.  A good, good father.  Public servant.  Grateful man known for his gracious and inspiring notes.  An athlete with success building team’s cross generations.

He was a political leader who strove for the right thing.  The partisanship exhibited today was a mystery to him.  He knew most good decisions fell somewhere in the middle and offered to push the process to improve things.

The television and news sources will be filled with tributes in the week ahead.  If you don’t know much about him, it will be a good use of your team to pause to take it in.  Better yet, point your children and grandchildren to the screen and expand their world a bit.  We can all learn about the virtue of life well lived.

President Bush was born into privilege and wealth.  He recognized it early and determined he would not ride his privilege out but use it for good of others.

He had a simple plaque hanging in his office.  It said “CAVU”.

President Bush was a naval pilot and CAVU is a term describing ideal flying conditions:  Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited.

“That’s my life from here on out” he would say.  “Blue skies, unlimited possibilities”.

That’s a way to live life here on earth.  Pretty good description of what heaven may be like too!

CAVU, Mr. President.  You will be missed and remembered.

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