Great Teams Communicate Constantly

Great teams communicate constantly.

I’ve learned through the years that efforts toward communication can always be enhanced. Your desire for information and insights is unquenchable.

People are conditioned to believe that some information is “not their business”. So, people fill in the gaps in information with hunches, guesses and assumptions.

Thus, the communication gap is a “tension” to be managed by every team.

As a leader, I try to open communication streams. If someone has a question, I answer them. While occasionally I may not be able to disclose something, the idea of saying “none of your business” doesn’t occur to me. When it comes to PalletOne and Sunbelt, you have interest in what we do, how we do it, why things are the way that they are. You should know.

Thus, transparency is a value I hold dear. Share numbers. Share ideas. Give answers to questions. Take suggestions.

The more communication, the greater the information base from which to make decisions and to take action.

Don’t suffer in silence. Ask your question. Put forth your ideas. It will set us apart.

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