Having a Positive Attitude is a Choice

“Positive attitude is yours for the taking, all you have to do is read, study and apply – every day.” – Jeffrey Gitomer

Gitomer is one of the best sales trainers around.

Having a positive attitude is a choice. It takes a daily commitment. You sometimes have to dig around for it. You read things that inspire and inform. You hang with people who encourage and engage. You separate yourself from the negative atmospheres you might travel in. You consider alternatives to your experience which would be worse and count your blessings.

Separate yourself from the issue for a few minutes.

Get a pad. Make two columns. At the head of one put + for positive attitude and on the other side put – for negative attitude.

Make a list of all the behaviors you can think of under each column that demonstrate each kind of attitude.

You know where this goes.

Is there anyone you admire or respect most who continually demonstrates the characteristics?

Is the positive list anything that would be associated with you?

Does the realization that you choose attitude versus inherit it, buy it, earn it or take it make a difference in your approach?

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