What do these “lead ins” cause you to remember?  What are your answers?

If I had known, I would have…

  • Tried harder
  • Studied more
  • Gotten there earlier
  • Saved more
  • Said how much I cared
  • Paid better attention
  • Taken the chance

Or I wouldn’t have…

  • Gone there
  • Taken the shortcut
  • Said the things I said

Life’s truth is that we don’t know what the future is.  What we do know is that what we do today sets up our future and we shall reap what we sow.

There are things in life you do or don’t do that you know better than doing or not doing.

There are things in life you learn later that if you’d done them or hadn’t done them, your life would have been better.

The more experience you have in life, the more you learn the power of choosing the right thing as compared to the easier things.

The more experience you have in life, the more you learn that poor choices leave negative consequences.  You may learn from those consequences, but they cost, nonetheless. 

The pain of discipline is not as bad as the misery of regret.

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