Listening Is A Habit

Julian Treasure studies communication, especially the skill of listening.

Listening is a habit. It takes intention. You have to relegate talking, justifying, telling and explaining to the back of the bus. You have to put listening up front.

Treasure uses the acronym RASA to describe the listening process. He says “rasa” in Sanskrit means juice. In other words, if you want to “juice” your communication process, you will “rasa”.

  1. Receive. Get ready to hear something. One teacher I had says a listener sits with his cup up, ready to be filled instead of cup down, pouring out what you know.
  1. Appreciate. Acknowledge what you are hearing. Nod your head. Take it in.
  1. Summarize. Repeat what you’re hearing. Check to see that you have understood.
  1. Ask questions. As you finish with your summary comments, further the conversation by asking a question. Questions assure deeper understanding. Good questions demonstrate respect and regard.

How is your listening? Is it juicing the communication on your team?

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