Mental Toughness

Heard Kirk Cousins, the quarterback of the Washington Redskins describe “mental toughness” on a podcast.

First, a bit of background. Cousins was a low draft pick who has become a $20 million a year starter for the Redskins. He is known more for his leadership and competitive nature than his physical ability. It is felt by many that he has succeeded through his hard work. He knows something about mental toughness.

So here’s his description. He thinks a key factor in mental toughness is having the “ability to move on.”

He notes that no one is perfect. No one improves on a steady trajectory. There are mistakes and setbacks.

In his book, the mentally tough put those setbacks in perspective and move on. Quickly. Effectively. They minimize the impact of disappointment and setbacks on what comes next.

I’ve known many who have been sidelined for a long time because regret, shame, guilt and/or anger kept them from getting a fresh start.

In Cousin’s world, being mentally tough is having a short memory. The mentally tough are present and looking ahead. The mentally tough resist distraction. They move on.

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