Our minds can work in an “either/or” fashion, i.e.:
Good/Bad Better/Worse Health/Sickness Richer/Poorer
You get it. I look at such contrasts in a linear fashion. At one end is the area to which I aspire. At the other is the one I don’t.
Chances are we are faced in one direction or the other.
So, I was listening to a podcast – in reference to this “either/or” mindset. The former Surgeon General of the United States, Dr. Vivek Murthy, said this: “People are driven by love or driven by fear. What can we do to tip the world toward love?”
Love is more than a feeling. It’s action. It’s caring for others. It’s sacrificing for those around us. It’s being accountable to a cause greater than yourself. It’s helping. You can add your own actions to this list.
In these days, I’ve cut down on monitoring the news. Every newscast leads with the latest data of dread. How many infected? How many dead? How many exposed? How many unemployed? How far has the market dropped?
Such a bombardment can move us into a negative mindset. Easy to get quickly consumed with fear.
I’ve learned I must determine to fight back. I must turn my back on fear and take steps toward love.
Social distancing robs us of the ability to hug, shake hands, pat backs, high five. But you can still speak, lock eyes, help and look out for each other.
I like the verb “tip” Dr. Murthy used when he said, “What can we do to tip the world toward love?” It’s a message to all of us. Look to love not to fear. Move in the direction of it. If we all are in, the change will be immense.

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