I’m in Guatemala on a medical mission trip this week.  Rest assured, no one is counting on me for medical care.

My team of 40 deliver surgical care to over 100 folks, to people who otherwise wouldn’t have care available to them.

I’ve been accompanying my wife on this trip for a while.  This is her 14th year.  She’s a nurse and cares for the patients.  I run errands for the care givers and help make sure their needs are met so that they can focus on care.

We’re lucky to live in America.  Medical care is readily available.  Companies like ours make it possible to attain care at reasonable costs through the insurance provided.  We don’t have to wait for visitors to show up to get care we need.

You can readily see why immigrants seek refuge and opportunity in our country.  When you have nothing, and you learn opportunity is just days and hours away, you are likely to undertake the journey.

My annual trip to Guatemala shapes my world view.  The concept of the “Golden Rule” which says I should treat others how I would like to be treated gets expanded on this trip.

I imagine life as one of these folks who have no hope of care and what I would appreciate if I were them.

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