Reminders on Effective Leadership

I read recently that one trait effective leaders have is the ability to readily admit shortcomings. It occurs to me that I am pretty good at telling folks what they ought to do. I don’t often write about how I screw up. Even though, when I screw up, it is in plain sight.So, here are a few:

  1. I talk when I should be listening. In meetings, I find I like the sound of my own voice. So, to be more effective, I try to talk less and listen more.
  2. I can arrive at speedy judgments about people. This works both ways. Sometimes I discount people and their abilities too early. Sometimes I give credit too early. So, to be more effective, I try to dig deeper and let people develop their story beyond the first paragraph.
  3. I have this need to be well liked. Therefore, I am reluctant to hurt feelings or give negative feedback because I fear that it will cause a strain on a relationship. So, to be more effective, I strive to “communicate courageously.” It says in the Bible, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” I am learning to develop high expectations, communicate them and hold people to them. If that means some difficult conversations have to be had, so be it.

So, you can see, many of the notes I write to you are actually notes reminding me of how I could be more effective.

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