Rules of Respect

Bill Hybels is a preacher I listen to when I can. He uses the Bible as inspiration and he makes the ancient teachings relevant in today’s world.

At a recent leadership event sponsored by his church, he gave a talk highlighting rules of respect. In a world where respect becomes less  common, I thought the rules were worth sharing:

Bill Hybel’s Rules of Respect.

“Rule # 1. Leaders must set the example on how to differ with others without demonizing them.

Rule # 2. Leaders must set the example of how to have spirited conversations without drawing blood.

Rule # 3.  Leaders must not interrupt others who are talking and must not dominate the conversation.

Rule # 4.  Leaders must set the example of limiting their volume levels and refusing to use incendiary or belittling words that guarantee to derail a discussion.

Rule # 5.  Leaders must set the example of being courteous in word and deed to everyone at every level.

Rule # 6.  Leaders must never stereotype.

Rule # 7.  Leaders must apologize immediately when they are wrong, instead of denying or doubling down.

Rule # 8.  Leaders must form opinions carefully and stay open minded if better information comes along.

Rule # 9.  Leaders must set the example of showing up when they say they are going to show up and doing what they say they are going to do.

Rule # 10.  Leaders must set “Rules of Respect” for everyone in the organization and enforce them relentlessly.”

Modeling. Honoring others. Choosing your words. Courageous communication. Remaining open. Always learning. Maintaining composure.

Effective leadership oozes respect.

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