I heard this on a podcast. Successful marathon runners have a “narrow” focus.

They pick a target. Run to the target. Pick another. Over and over again. Until completed.

No 26.2-mile targets. More like 200-yard targets. On repeat.

Last week I heard the Selma plant has had more than 500 days without a recordable injury. I’m guessing when they started the run, nobody said anything about 500 days.

The target was simple. “We had a reportable injury yesterday,” they said. “Let’s don’t have one today.”

Is it really that simple?

Yep, it’s simple, but it isn’t easy. Every person aligned. Safe behavior top of mind. An individual focus where each of us says, “I will do my work safely. I’ll lock out and tag out. I won’t allow unsafe conditions to exist. I’ll be personally accountable. I’ll hold others accountable. Today, right now!”

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