We get news we didn’t expect nor want.  It causes disappointment.  We go through a range of negative emotions: anger, frustration, gut wrenching pain.  It’s not good.

While disappointment is real, the question is how long it resides?

Read a post on social media recently, the person said she had suffered disappointing news and the question someone posed that jolted her in a more positive direction was…

“What does this disappointment now make possible?”

I get it, we sometimes must stop and grieve disappointment.  But the question reminds us that it doesn’t have to last.

There is another day coming.

Other doors will open.

New chapters to write.

When disappointing news comes, ask yourself:  Where else can I go?  What else can I do?  What frees me up?

Don’t rest in the current situation.  Move on to the next play.

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