Stepping Up

“What matters most in the end, though, is this: your belief in your capacity to create positive change and the courage to take action.” – Tom Kelley

Reducing the above quote to two questions:

#1:  Can you make a difference?

I believe in the concept of having “agency.”  You develop agency by building upon existing skills and adding to them.  You develop agency by attacking harder things on a regular basis and gaining competency from the learning.  You develop agency by learning from experience which causes you to be wise.

#2:  Will you make a difference?

If you have agency, it’s a crime to waste it.  To make a difference you must be willing to step up.   To keep your talents, skill, and wisdom hidden, when it has a chance to make a difference, deprives the team and the community.  There may be uncertainty.  You might doubt and have a little fear.  But the willingness and courage to step over the edge will be rewarded with a meaningful life.

Strive to be able to step up.  Have the courage to do so.

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