“When strength is the mission, hard is the standard and work is the requirement.  When comfort is the objective, easy is acceptable and effort is an afterthought.” –  Brian Kight.

Another good thought from organizational consultant Brian Kight.

“When strength is the mission”

I heard very many years ago that successful organizations are strong, fast and agile.  Strong enough to face the challenges and embrace the opportunities.  Fast enough to be quick on the scene when those challenges and opportunities arise.  Agile enough not to lose footing in the uneven environments and circumstances we encounter.

“Hard is the standard”

You don’t get stronger, maintain speed and improve agility if you don’t have an intention to do so.  As we say around here, “you’re getting better or you’re getting worse.  There ain’t no status quo.”

When strength is the mission, you count on a steady diet of “hard”.  Practice isn’t easy, it makes you tired.  Measurements aren’t meaningless, they measure progress toward strength.

“Work is the requirement”

You don’t get better sitting on the couch.  You don’t get better without striving for an improved result.

These things take focused effort and work.

It’s certainly good to seek comfort.  We deserve it.  But, you can’t reside there.

Strength, speed and agility is the mission.

Hard the standard.

Requires work.


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