Jerome Tang is the basketball coach at Kansas State and was named the Coach of the Year in college basketball this year.

I saw this Tweet about things he does to achieve success. Here’s one:

“Stack your micro-wins.”

Tang says everything is an opportunity to go 1-0.

  • Win breakfast
  • Win the weight lift
  • Win the film study

The path to big success is stacking micro-wins.

Our performance isn’t defined by one outcome during the day. We make dozens of choices. Tang says if you pile good decisions and productive actions on top of each other, you can win the day.

Think about it:

  • The alarm goes off, and you don’t hit snooze. Win.
  • Eat a good breakfast and get energy. Win.
  • Arrive at work in time to set up and be ready. Win.
  • Look over the area and remind yourself of the safety steps you will need to take. Win.
  • Set a goal for the first thirty minutes and exceed it. Win.
  • Set another. Keep hitting it. Win. Win.

You get the point. If you aren’t stacking wins, you’re drifting; you get better or you get worse.

If you’re trying to change momentum, think about starting small and stacking wins.

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