“Adversity is a test of your toughness, not your talent.” Tim Kight. Are you tough?  I’d like to think I’m tough enough.  But, could be tougher.  There’s no chance to pass through this life without facing adversity. I’ve heard it said that toughness is a skill.  Skills are developed through practice. Refined through practice.  Hardened by habit.  Thinking about toughness, I began a list.     You should to. Tough people show up.  They are where they […]

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The Real Meaning Of Trials We Encounter

On the road this week.  A smattering of visits with customers, colleagues, partners and plants. Picked up a few phrases to share: From reading about a press session Georgia football coach Kirby Smart conducted before the preseason kicked off.  He says his team defines its culture with two words: “Do more!” While Georgia has achieved success, they have fallen short of their championship goal.  Smart says the statement is simple, memorable and captures all that […]

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Travis Bradberry of Forbes says, “there are two kinds of people; those who believe they make things happen and those who believe things happen to them”.  Sound familiar? He goes on to cite a study conducted by Dr. Tim Judge at the University of Florida which says that those who “happen to the world” sell more, serve customers better, adjust faster to change and get paid more. Particularly distinctive is how “happening to the world” […]

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“Every obstacle an opportunity to practice a virtue: patience, courage, humility, resourcefulness, reason, justice, creativity.”  Marcus Aurelius, emperor. Encountering obstacles successfully requires a certain mental heartiness.  The ancient emperor Marcus Aurelius described what that heart looked like with the quote. Is this you? What happens when you encounter trials? Do you blow up emotionally or do you exhibit a quiet patience? Do you cower at the challenge or take bold, courageous steps? Do you express […]

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Robert Redford, the great actor, has a new movie out and he says it will be his last.  The announcement has created several interviews on television.  In one, he shared a quote that has inspired him through the years: “For us it’s only the trying, the rest is not our business.” T.S. Eliot Eliot’s quote reminds us the importance of taking the initiative in matters.  Until you try, you never know what the result. “Trying” […]

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Can you see opportunities and risks when they start approaching?

I hang out at the beach when I can.  Was watching some kids’ body surf with “boogie” boards. On a boogie board, the difference between a good ride and a poor one is timing.  On this particular day, the waves were good for body surfing.  But, not everyone was getting a good ride. I paid attention to the technique.  The best rides came when the rider made an early call. If you’re not familiar with […]

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Lean and Clean

One of the questions you are asked each year in our annual plant survey is whether you are clear about what is expected of you. Years ago, when I was an HR Pro, I worked with supervisors and managers to find a way to summarize what we look for from our employees.  We came up with a list of 10 Commitments that we would like each team member to embrace. You may have seen them printed up […]

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Progress Is Always Preceded By Change.

“Progress is always preceded by change. What are you challenging right now? What change are you driving?” As each day starts fresh, we ought to consider how we can get better. Considering how we ought to improve each day is a process involving intentional acts. One act is an assessment. Did the day’s activity achieve what was intended? Did you and your team accomplish the intended outcomes? What worked and is worth repeating? What needs […]

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10 Commitments: #8 – 100% Uptime

Commitment #8, understanding your tools and equipment…  10 COMMITMENTS No Shortcuts We will teach you the safe way, provide you safe equipment, fix it when it breaks. Do it right and safe. Safety Freeze Watch out for others, guide and teach “rookies,” hold others accountable for safe practices. On Time and Quick Start Be there, start timely. Work Smart – Technique and Consistency Learn the right techniques and work at a consistent pace. Work Hard […]

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