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PalletOne Inc.
New London, WI

New Pallets – Recycling

PalletOne Inc.
335 Henry Street
New London, Wisconsin 54961
Email Sales: Pete Miller
Phone: 920-982-2058
Fax: 920-982-2892

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Our Pallet Company

Whether your company needs new pallets or used pallets in New London, Wisconsin or the surrounding area, PalletOne offers a complete line of wood pallets, pallet management services, and value-added solutions to improve your supply chain.

As the largest new pallet manufacturer in the United States with plant locations in 10 states, we offer a full range of pallet solutions including used pallet pick up, pallet recycling, and pallet supply. PalletOne has the following plant location in New London, WI that can meet your wood pallet needs:


PalletOne Inc. New London, Wisconsin
(Pallet Company)

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