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Pallet Mulch & Other By-Products

Color Enhanced MulchEach PalletOne facility offers a wide variety of wood-based by-products depending on their product mix. Our landscape products can include mulch, wood shavings, wood dust, hardwood bark and virgin wood grindings depending on seasonality and production schedules. These products are available on a plant-by-plant basis; please contact us for more information.

Color-Enhanced Mulch

Our wood mulch adds a traditional look to your landscape. With color options including red, brown, dark brown or black, we can meet your every landscaping need. Try our bright red for longer-lasting color. If you want the appearance of hardwood bark without the quick color fade, try brown or dark brown. Our black mulch will accentuate the colors in your landscape.

All colors are nontoxic and produced from naturally occurring colors found in the earth’s surface.


Playground Material – SoftOne® Safety Surface

Reduce the impact of falls with SoftOne® playground material. Certified by the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA), SoftOne® meets ASTM International’s specification for Impact Attenuation, Sieve Analysis and Wheelchair Accessibility.

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