Sustainable Pallet Production


PalletOne leads the industry in the education and promotion of unit load design, a leading concept in reducing packaging waste. This proven process is used to minimize packaging weight and volume while reducing the amount of raw material used in the packaging.

The end-result is,

  1. Improved energy efficiency during shipping and handling,
  2. Improved space efficiency,
  3. Reduced product damage
  4. 8 to 18% reduction in packaging spend.

PalletOne encourages customers to engage in this program by offering free pallet audits and training classes on systems-based design.



Wood is a renewable resource. PalletOne purchases much of its raw material from replenished, managed forests. Many of our suppliers are either certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) and/or the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®). We also operate plants that are FSC and SFI certified.

Wood is a better choice than non-renewable materials. Carbon emissions can be reduced by using wood because the carbon dioxide remains trapped in the pallet. If at the end of the product’s life, it is disposed of by burning, the emissions from combustion are equal to those given off by natural decaying.



PalletOne operates an aggressive pallet recovery and recycling program to divert fiber from the waste stream. Nearly all of our products and by-products follow a cradle-to-cradle vision of packaging, where products are collected and recycled to produce other useful products including

  1. Bio-fuel
  2. Mulch
  3. Replacement parts
  4. Reusable pallets.


We also operate an industrial recycling division dedicated solely to assisting our customers with re-purposing material generated from their waste stream.



Respecting the environment is a key strategy at PalletOne. Our products are engineered to optimize raw material use. Our processes are reviewed regularly for energy efficiency. Wood by-products are effectively utilized. Using this strategy to respect the environment minimizes the impact on natural resources and improves the overall efficiency of the global supply chain.

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