How To Create A Successful Multi-Site Pallet Bid Part 4:
Bid Format: Reverse Auction vs. Sealed Bid – Are the Savings Real?

Does a reverse auction really save you money? In our experience, as Vice President of Sales Keith Reinstetle explains, that depends on some key details.

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How To Create A Successful Multi-Site Pallet Bid Part 3:
Pallet Bid Information Needed by the Pallet Provider

There’s a whole host of information that corporate buyers might not know to look out for when preparing a pallet bid, that’s why working with a supplier that builds plant-level relationships can save preventable headaches.

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How To Create A Successful Multi-Site Pallet Bid
Part 2: Verifying Delivery Requirements

As our four-part series on how to create a successful multi-site pallet bid continues, we examine why verifying delivery requirements helps smooth the bid process and can also create added value for the customer via backhauling.

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How To Create A Successful Multi-Site Pallet Bid
Part 1: Verifying the Pallet Specification

Before you put your legacy pallet spec out to bid, please read this: our VP of sales, Keith Reinstetle walks you through verifying your pallet specification and the importance of plant visits in the first in our four-part series on creating a multi-site pallet bid.

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Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) vs. Just in Time (JIT)

See what Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and Just in Time (JIT) delivery are, how they are different, and the benefits they can provide for businesses.

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UFP Industries acquires a 50 percent stake in Dempsey Wood Products, LLC, providing additional industrial wood sourcing capacity to support growth

UFP Industries today announced that its affiliate, PalletOne, Inc., has acquired a 50 percent equity stake in Dempsey Wood Products, LLC.

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What is a Heat Treated Pallet?

Get answers to frequently asked questions about heat treated pallets, including what a heat treated pallet is, why you might need them, and their many benefits.

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 Pallet Mold: 7 Tips To Prevent Mold On Wood Pallets

In this article we will we continue our discussion about pallet mold by exploring handling and storage best practices, discerning the difference between mold and wood stain, as well as briefly touching upon the opportunity for chemical treatment of pallets as an alternative solution. Here, then, are some more crucial quick tips. How do you prevent pallet mold? That trailer just arriving with your pallets – think of it as an incubator. A dark, humid […]

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EPD for Wood Pallets: Ahead of the Pack 

Securities and Exchange Commission Proposes Rules for Reporting of Value Chain Greenhouse Gas Emissions Now more than ever, conscientious supply chain decision-makers are interested in determining their carbon footprint and reducing it. After all, supply chains can be a big part of the global warming problem. For example, McKinsey has estimated that supply chain operations account for 80% of emissions associated with consumer packaged goods. Aside from Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives, the need […]

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Where to Sell Used Pallets, Save Money And Avoid The Landfill

Looking to sell your used pallets? Did you know that PalletOne buys used wood pallets for recycling, from corporations, local businesses, and the general public? If you’re looking to sell your repaired (or repair-able) pallets, we offer a fair market price. We buy used 48” x 40” 4-way pallets, GMA pallets, EU pallets, and other common pallet sizes in a variety of grades. As well, odd sizes and/or scrap pallets can also be removed. In […]

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