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For over 40 Years, we have been offering pallet management solutions to industries looking to buy new or recycled pallets.

PalletOne is committed to providing quality products and customized services, making us the high-value supplier customers call first when looking for pallet solutions. We offer unparalleled expertise with over 40 years experience in the pallet industry. PalletOne is focused on continually improving its ability to produce pallets at the lowest possible cost and strives to be the best at meeting the customer’s expectations.

As the nation’s largest new pallet manufacturer, PalletOne has the largest pallet inventory and greatest pallet assembly capacity in the United States, processing over 200 million board feet annually. We own and operate pallet manufacturing facilities and sawmills throughout the eastern United States and employ over 1,300. All of our facilities utilize lean manufacturing principles, including 6S and kaizen events, that maximize production, reduce waste and deliver continual improvement.

PalletOne is privately-owned. Our corporate headquarters are located in Bartow, FL.

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