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Our Company Manufacturers Pallets in Florida.

Our Bartow plant offers the pallets Central Florida needs, including new and used wood pallets, pallet management services, and grade component lumber. We’re also the used wooden pallet buyer Central Florida customers depend on. Our value-added solutions are available to improve your supply chain.

The PalletOne Advantage
Our Bartow, FL plant is “HT” Certified for Export products. We provide the heat treatment stamp and protocols required by the IPPC’s ISPM 15 to reduce the risks associated with invasive pests. Pallets are properly treated and marked for export as specified by customers.

We have an extensive automated capacity for large volume wood pallets and manual assembly capabilities for custom products. The pallets Florida businesses need are durable and affordable to keep costs down.

Pallet Recycling

PalletOne offers standard and re-manufactured wood pallets. Our Bartow team uses quality recycled materials to meet your customized specifications. Plus, we buy back pallets. We can remove scrap pallets and odd sizes for your convenience.

  • We are proud to be one of the largest wood pallet recycling facilities in Florida with competitive wood pallet recycling prices
  • Our central location provides fast delivery to Central Florida, Treasure Coast, West, Coast, Tampa Bay Area, and Miami
  • We are a used pallet buyer to maximize the value of your inventory and reduce operational costs.

Specialty Offerings

Our Bartow plant location has specialty offerings to suit all our customers’ needs. Tree box products are available. We provide a variety of durable pallet boxes at competitive prices. We can manufacture any wooden box by following your specifications. Our sturdy boxes, crates, and bins are made to transport a complete range of agricultural products. We manufacture them from a renewable resource, so repair and reuse are easy and inexpensive.

Also, our Bartow location offers grade pallet component lumber. Clients need various grades based on the projects and their specifications. Graded component lumber provides strength properties to suit all types of structural requirements. A variety of lumber types and moisture content levels are available.

Pallet Supplier Service Offerings

PalletOne in Bartow has many specialty offerings for all types of customers. We are certified and comply with ISPM-15 guidelines. Certification and compliance ensure wood packaging materials are suitable to use in international trade.

Our wood pallet design program meets the exact specifications of each client. By using the most modern equipment, we can design and manufacture pallets for all purposes. Our team knows pallet design and selection affect material handling costs. We follow industry-standard guidelines to provide quality and performance at the best possible value.

Our vendor management programs streamline your warehousing process. It is time-consuming to count wood pallets and rush to buy them when the stock gets low. Our on-site pallet management program boosts efficiency and helps lower the costs associated with pallet handling. PalletOne manages your pallet inventory to help you save time and money. We anticipate customer needs to keep your warehouse adequately stocked. We provide ongoing communication for a program that helps reduce hassles and cut costs.

Industries/Niche Markets Served
Our Bartow, Florida location serves a wide array of industries and niche markets. These include agriculture, roofing, pavers, industrial, concrete, flavorings, coating, beverage, pharmaceutical, and food-grade products.

We sell New, Recycled and Custom Wood Pallets

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