Export Pallets to China: Mosquito Fumigation for Zika Virus Compliance

In response to the growing spread of the ZIKA virus, China and South Korea have developed preventative measures and issued updated ZIKA Virus Prevention and Quarantine Guidelines. Both countries are requiring certification for container shipments coming from affected regions validating effective measures were met to eliminate mosquitoes. As a result of these new regulations, pallet customers have been inquiring whether export shipments on wood pallets from the U.S. require fumigation treatment for mosquitos to protect against the ZIKA Virus.

A recent advisory from the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association (NWPCA) addressed this question with the following statement:  “The ZIKA virus is not a phytosanitary issue, but rather one of human health. This means that the entire consignment must be treated and certified, not just the pallet. Furthermore, listed U.S. properties that require treatment are American Territories only, so shipments originating from the contiguous U.S., Alaska and Hawaii are currently exempt from this action and do not require treatment.”

As always, PalletOne will continue to monitor international shipping guidelines relating to wood packaging material. We are confident at this time,  ZIKA shipping compliance is not an issue impacting wooden pallets for export.

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