Pallet Mold: 7 Tips To Prevent Mold On Wood Pallets

In this article we will we continue our discussion about pallet mold by exploring handling and storage best practices, discerning the difference between mold and wood stain, as well as briefly touching upon the opportunity for chemical treatment of pallets as an alternative solution. Here, then, are some more crucial quick tips. How do you prevent pallet mold? That trailer just arriving with your pallets – think of it as an incubator. A dark, humid […]

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4 Quick Tips On How To Prevent Mold On Wood Pallets! (Part 1)

How do you prevent mold on wood pallets? It seems like mold should be easy enough to keep in check and it can be with a pallet management company. PalletOne Inc. knows that in order for fungi to attack wood, a combination of oxygen, adequate temperature, a food source (the wood) and free or liquid water are all needed. By controlling moisture exposure, mold problems can largely be held at bay. With that in mind, […]

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Lumber Alert: Raw Material Costs Rise as Lumber Supply Tightens

Over recent weeks, conditions affecting the supply of pine lumber for the manufacture of pallets have deteriorated in in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic markets. The situation is the result of two factors: mill innovations and an increase in the demand for pine lumber. The pine sawmill industry is being transformed with improvement projects focused on optimizing yield. In short, mills are being equipped with computer scanning ability and drying capability which improves the amount of higher […]

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What’s the Best Solution for Pallet Mold? (Part 2)

Mold may not look nice, but in reality it doesn’t have an impact on most goods shipped by pallet; the product packaging shields them from direct contact with the fungus. But we’re finding that more of our customers today need or prefer pallets that have been treated to boost their mold-resistance. We want to be sure we’re using the best treatments, so PalletOne’s corporate team in Bartow recently conducted a test of four different mold-inhibiting […]

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Mold, Mold Go Away (Part 1)

Spring is the seasons for showers and flowers, but if you’re in the pallet business it’s also the time of year that you’re thinking hard about mold. At PalletOne, we’ve been experimenting to try and develop better ways to keep your pallets free of mold for as long as possible. Mold needs three things to grow: oxygen, a food source and moisture. Remove one of those from the mix and mold won’t grow. We’re not […]

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