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Seven Simple Steps to Forklift Safety While Handling Pallets

When it comes to ensuring safe forklift operation, don’t forget about pallets! Pallets are the interface between your valuable load and your forklift, and they play a crucial role in safe lift truck operation. Our new video will help you understand the do’s and don’t of forklift safety when working with pallets.

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Safely packaged medical equipment in a custom wooden crate

Pack with Confidence: Prioritizing Safety in Wood Packaging Solutions

Join us to explore the critical role of safety in designing wood packaging and how it can prevent injuries and promote a safer workplace. Discover key safety design considerations to enhance worker safety and operational efficiency, and learn how to choose the right vendor for your wood packaging needs. Don’t leave safety to chance: read this post and unlock the secrets to prioritizing safety in wood packaging solutions!

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National Safety Month
Business Climate

National Safety Month, Staying Safe At PalletOne Inc.

National Safety Month National Safety Month an NSC program is designed to raise awareness of health and safety and encourage employers and employees to prioritize safety. As one of the leading suppliers of pallets in the US, PalletOne Inc has an outstanding health and safety program. Operating pallet manufacturing facilities and sawmills across the country, we recognize the importance of staying safe.  Staying safe at PalletOne Inc: Safety features and procedure At PalletOne Inc, we

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How Heat Treatment Beats Fumigation

In the past many businesses faced a difficult choice when treating pallets to control pests: heat treating or methyl bromide? While both methods are effective at eliminating pests, there are several compelling reasons why heat treatment is the better option. Today we’ll explore why heat treating is superior to methyl bromide and how it can help your business save time and money while significantly improving sustainability. The Dangers Of Methyl Bromide Methyl bromide has long

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The New Guard: PalletOne Completes Machine Guard Initiative

A massive change has swept across all 15 PalletOne plants in the last year as part of a campaign shepherded by a team that reaches every branch of the PalletOne family. 5,024 hand-machined guards, 6,029 feet of safety fencing, and more than 50 safety mechanisms like light curtains are the lasting markers of a sweeping movement with one end goal: better protecting PalletOne employees. Chief Operations Officer Matt Sheffield and PalletOne’s regional managers across the

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Pile of damaged pallets

Best Practices for Reducing Pallet Damage in the Warehouse

Pallet damage has sometimes been seen as a cost of doing business, but with rising prices and tight supply, companies are beginning to view them as assets. Here are nine tips that can reduce equipment operator damage to pallets and save money for your business.

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Warehouse worker moving a unit load with a pallet jack, TEXT: Working Safely With Pallets In The Warehouse

Working Safely with Pallets in the Warehouse

Pallets are critical to the movement of products and as the base for unit loads in the supply chain, they play a key role in modern material handling. Here are a few tips for keeping your workers and your product safe when working with pallets.

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What is the standard pallet size (and why does it matter)?

What is the Standard Pallet Size?

Explore the world of standard pallet sizes and their significance in supply chain optimization. Discover how choosing the right pallet size can streamline transportation, reduce costs, and protect your products. Find out more about PalletOne’s Pallet Concierge™ program and how it can solve your pallet needs today.

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The Pallet Costs You Might Not See

Discover the hidden costs of choosing cheaper pallets and the impact they can have on your supply chain. Protect your bottom line and optimize pallet selection with PalletOne’s expertise. Learn how investing in high-quality pallets can save your business money in the long run. Request a quote today to get started.

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