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To launch our new Pallet Concierge™ program, we asked industry expert Rick LeBlanc to sit down with Vice President of Sales Keith Reinstetle to explore the ins and outs of PalletOne’s latest offering.

When I sat down recently to chat with Keith Reinstetle about PalletOne’s new Pallet Concierge™ program, he had just finished a call with a multi-site building products manufacturer. In the wake of Hurricane Ian, Reinstetle, PalletOne’s Vice President of Sales, was reviewing the potential impact of the devastation on that customer’s supply chain. There would be severe supply chain implications in the months ahead.

“Just when the lumber market seemed to be settling down a bit, we’ve been hit by Hurricane Ian,” Reinstetle said. “Think about the volume of lumber that will be required to replace structures like docks, boathouses, and houses, and the pallets and crates that will be required to ship all of those building supplies. A lot of those plants will be going back to 24/7 operation.” Such insights, he noted, are just part of the Pallet Concierge™ service.

Procurement professionals are facing more significant challenges and time constraints than ever. Just think about the additional challenges of managing risk in today’s supply chain or the ESG (environmental, social, and governance) requirements that have been heaped onto the list of responsibilities for many buyers. 

PalletOne’s Pallet Concierge™ program helps busy pallet and packaging buyers by providing a single point of contact for all their needs. Rather than being forced to contact several vendors to address needs in different regions or for pallets and industrial packaging, program members can enjoy the simplicity of working with a designated PalletOne sales representative.

“Tell us your challenges or pain points. Let us do the legwork, and we’ll bring back the solution. You speak with one person, but it is a team effort.”

– Keith Reinstetle, VP of Sales, PalletOne

Behind the scenes, the knowledgeable Concierge can draw upon the expertise of the national PalletOne sales team and that of UFP, PalletOne’s parent company, the full suite of in-house designers and engineers, and access to the UFP Packaging Lab + Design Studio.

For Reinstetle, one of the exciting aspects of the Pallet Concierge™ service is that now as a UFP company, PalletOne representatives can also utilize the vast array of products and technical support offered by UFP. “It’s exciting,” he said. While PalletOne has long excelled at manufacturing machine-nailed and hand-assembled pallets, it can now help existing and new customers with an extensive range of products, including industrial packaging, steel racks and pallets, and more. 

“Tell us your challenges or pain points,” Reinstetle said. “Let us do the legwork, and we’ll bring back the solution. You speak with one person, but it is a team effort.” 

The Pallet Concierge™ approach also enables PalletOne to make recommendations based on unit load optimization versus the chronic silo mentality that impedes companies from purchasing pallets and packaging separately. “It enables us to consider the interactive components collectively to recommend an optimal solution,” he said. “We even have two state-of-the-art I.S.T.A. and ASTM- certified testing labs.”

Reinstetle’s decades-long relationship with hotel concierges and his passion for customer service excellence inspired the Pallet Concierge™ program. Customers sometimes laugh when the program is first presented, he commented, but there are a lot of common elements.

“I’ve traveled a lot in my career,” he said, “and I’ve always been loyal to Marriott. What I’ve learned over time is the value of the Concierge. Whether you are asking them, ‘where’s the nice Italian restaurant?’ or ‘what are the best local attractions?’ I have found that they’re very good at providing qualified expertise. I’ve come to rely on their knowledge.”

With Pallet Concierge™, he concluded, PalletOne offers a similar experience for pallet buyers – streamlining the communications to a single point of contact while leveraging a network of behind-the-scenes expertise to deliver the best in customer experience.

Contact us today to learn more about how Pallet Concierge™ can help your company, or come visit us March 20-23 at ProMat 2023 in booth #N6848 to talk directly with members of our team about our services.

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