Lumber Alert: Raw Material Costs Rise as Lumber Supply Tightens

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Over recent weeks, conditions affecting the supply of pine lumber for the manufacture of pallets have deteriorated in in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic markets. The situation is the result of two factors: mill innovations and an increase in the demand for pine lumber.

The pine sawmill industry is being transformed with improvement projects focused on optimizing yield. In short, mills are being equipped with computer scanning ability and drying capability which improves the amount of higher grade lumber that comes from each log. Traditionally, the higher grades of lumber are destined for construction while the lower grades are the source available for pallets. The demand for kiln dried pine lumber in pallets has been growing. In recent years, requirements for clean, mold-free, dry, exportable pallets have grown. Kiln dried pine lumber is the preferred raw material for these pallets. This shift along with continued gains in the economy has caused increased demand.

PalletOne is uniquely positioned to help assure pallet supply in this tight lumber market. As the nation’s largest consumer of pallet raw material, we maintain strong purchasing power with suppliers while smaller competitors may be forced to go without. We have extensive outreach to mills and are making advance payments to lock supply. Our production facilities feature flexible sawing systems that allow us to make components from a variety of lumber species and offer alternatives using Best Pallet and PDS software, to minimize cost increases, maintain unit load specifications and assure timely pallet deliveries. Want to learn more? Fill out our online form to request a quote.

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