National Safety Month, Staying Safe At PalletOne Inc.

National Safety Month

National Safety Month

National Safety Month an NSC program is designed to raise awareness of health and safety and encourage employers and employees to prioritize safety. As one of the leading suppliers of pallets in the US, PalletOne Inc has an outstanding health and safety program. Operating pallet manufacturing facilities and sawmills across the country, we recognize the importance of staying safe. 

Staying safe at PalletOne Inc: Safety features and procedure

At PalletOne Inc, we are proud of our exemplary safety record. Our comprehensive package of policies, guidelines, and regulations in place to protect our employees, partners, and customers. Our safety program is packed with features, including:

  • Extensive safety training during orientation: during our orientation program includes extensive, thorough safety training to encourage employees to work diligently and abide by regulations from day one. We provide support and advice for all those undertaking orientation to ensure that instructions are clear and information is accessible.
  • Standard monthly training programs for all employees: continuous training is essential to ensure that all employees are up to date with safety training. Our company runs monthly programs for all our staff members. 
  • Plant safety committees: each PalletOne Inc plant has a dedicated safety committee comprising a group of employees. The committee meets every week to discuss safety events and deliver monthly programs. 
  • Incentive bonus programs for ‘outstanding’ safety records: employees are offered bonus incentives who have outstanding safety records. Those who excel are entitled to cash bonus payments. 
  • Return to work programs for injured employees: as a company that employs thousands of people nationally, we take health and safety very seriously. However, if there is an injury at work there is a targeted return to work program in place to support injured employees and help them get back to work as soon as they feel able. At PalletOne Inc. our company goes the extra mile to ensure that our employees feel safe and confident when they return to work. 
  • Safety performance analysis for managers: safety performance analysis is a component of every manager’s review and an incentive program is included. The incentive program was developed to encourage all our managers to actively champion and promote safety at work. 
  • Drug-Free Workforce designations: we use a series of measures to maintain a drug-free workforce, including testing before hiring and during injury and incident investigations. Our cumulative record is exceptional. 

Creating a culture that supports and promotes safety

One of our primary aims is to create a company culture that supports and promotes safety. PalletOne Inc. provides clear messaging, implement policies, regulations, and guidelines. We strive to ensure that every single employee is aware of the importance of safety and the procedures in place to protect them and their colleagues. Our team supports each other and encourages every employee to do their bit. Our management monitors and urges our team to be aware of risks, to share any concerns or problems, to report issues, and to play an active role in creating safe spaces. 

National safety month protects employees

As one of the leading pallet providers in the US, our company takes health and safety incredibly seriously. As National Safety Month draws to a close, PalletOne Inc. is

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