CP7 Pallets: What You Need To Know

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CP7 Wooden Shipping PalletsIf you are looking to find out more about CP7 pallets and the value they provide for the chemical industry, you are not alone. International customers have become meticulous in requiring the CP7 for shipments from chemical manufacturers. As many supply chain professionals have not had previous exposure to the CP pallet system, let’s take a closer look at the CP7 and its growing popularity.

About CP Pallets

The chemical industry developed the exacting CP pallet specification, and leading pallet suppliers produce new CP pallets. As America’s largest pallet manufacturer, we are an authorized producer of CP pallets. And while alternatives such as used CP pallets and “knock-offs” might initially seem like cheaper options for filling your export needs, they can end up costing far more than anticipated. We’ll revisit this concern later in the blog.

The CP pallet program is overseen by PlasticsEurope, a European-based trade association that publishes the specifications and authorizes select pallet companies to produce CP pallets. There are nine different CP pallet models available to meet the diverse pallet requirements of the chemical and polymer industries

These pallets, including the CP7, require very close attention to dimensional accuracy and quality. The CP7 has a size of 1300mm x 1100mm (a little larger than 51” x 43”). As with other CP pallets, the CP7 must be marked on the middle block on both sides to communicate the pallet type (from CP1 – CP9), manufacturer code, and the month/year of manufacturing. The ISPM 15 stamp is also required for international shipment.

Given the complexities of the CP7, it is not an easy pallet to manufacture. We have addressed this challenge through specialized equipment. We have a fully automated CP7 pallet nailing system at our Port Arthur, Texas, facility, and a semi-automated line at our plant in Robertsdale, Alabama. The advanced robotics allows for precision placement of pallet components and high-speed production to provide timely pallet availability for customers. We have a second automated CP7 line scheduled to arrive later this year.

Benefits of PalletOne’s New CP7 Pallets

There are many benefits to our CP7, starting with customer satisfaction. By ordering authentic CP7 pallets from PalletOne, you are ensuring compliance with trading partner requirements. The CP7 also delivers superior product protection while meeting ISPM 15 requirements for international shipments. Ultimately, the CP7 flows flawlessly through customer material handling equipment systems that have been optimized around its use. The CP7 is a popular choice for pelletized high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP) super sack shipments.

The use of cheaper knock-offs might seem like an opportunity to reduce your pallet expenditure. Still, the results can damage your bottom line and your reputation. Knock-off CP7 pallets can risk performance issues and compliance claims by the customer. And as for used or refurbished CP pallets, reliable availability and quality are things you will need to consider. 

When it comes to selecting the CP7 pallet for export shipments, there is too much to jeopardize by using knock-offs. As a registered CP pallet manufacturer, PalletOne can provide the genuine CP7 pallets required by international customers. And with our high-speed automated manufacturing capability, we can deliver the quantities required when you need them. To find out more about CP7 pallets from PalletOne, request a quote today.



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