Our minds can work in an “either/or” fashion, i.e.: Good/Bad Better/Worse Health/Sickness Richer/Poorer You get it.  I look at such contrasts in a linear fashion.  At one end is the area I aspire to.  At the other is the one I don’t. Chances are we are faced in one direction or the other. So, I was listening to a podcast – in reference to this “either/or” mindset.  The former Surgeon General of the United States […]

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George Patton was a famous World War II general.  Yesterday I encountered two quotes of his from completely different sources.  I figured it was a sign. The first was an inspiration posted on Twitter that read: “You’re never beaten until you admit it. So, don’t admit it.” On one hand it sounds stubborn. But there is power in having that kind of determination when we come up against a challenge.  It’s the kind of belief […]

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“The best players don’t always win.  The players who play the best do.” – Lou Holtz   This is a subtle distinction.  When all the players are on the field, there are some who have more talent, skill, and strength than the others.  Why don’t they always win?   The effort, attitude, and focus matters too.    I suspect not everyone is interested in the US Open tennis tournament in New York.  Serena Williams, arguably the greatest to ever […]

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“If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” – Frederick Douglass  Hard to deny this.  Most of us would like life to be without stress.  Wake up every morning and have life go without any incident.  Just one day, no strain.  No pain. But it isn’t what we face.  I read a book some years ago called A Road Less Traveled.  The first line of the book, “Life is difficult” is worth the cover […]

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I read the research that describes the seven conditions of those living long, satisfying lives. They are: Don’t smoke. Best not to drink, but if you do, not excessively. Maintain a healthy weight. Regular exercise. Have an adaptive lifestyle which means keeping patient and steadfast whatever comes.  Bad times don’t last. Education always contributes.  People who are curious and are constantly learning do well. Having good long-term relationships/friendships.  A long marriage, as well as having […]

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Skip Bertman is a Hall of Fame baseball coach from LSU.  I watched a documentary about his legacy on ESPN recently.  Here’s a quote all his players over decades can repeat: “If you can vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically act upon a goal, it will come to pass.” There are four verbs: imagine, desire, believe, and act. There are four adverbs: vividly, ardently, sincerely, and enthusiastically. Start with the verbs.  To imagine, […]

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“Inspiration turns into impact because you have the courage to start something and the persistence to follow through.” – Tom and David Kelley Inspiration is a funny thing.  We can be sitting on our couch watching television and be inspired. We can be sitting in a pew at church and be inspired. We can read a book, see the sunrise and/or admire a colleague’s effort and be inspired. But, the quote above captures it.  Inspiration […]

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Our colleague Cliff Daniels sent me a quote this weekend: “With enough persistence, luck always shows up.” I’ve heard quotes like that often. Former filmmaker Samuel Goldwyn said it this way: “The harder I work, the luckier I get.” We all experience times of discouragement.  We find ourselves in a situation where the cards are stacked against us, and it appears that we have a tough road in front of us. These quotes remind us […]

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“You don’t have to live each day as if it’s your last, because that isn’t always realistic.  However, you can greet each morning invigorated and content, because you have the opportunity to make every day a special day.” – Rick Pitino Do you believe that?  Every day can be special. Many things are defined by our attitude as the day begins. Our mental approach has so much to do with success. Do we expect things […]

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Dr. Henry Cloud is a writer and speaker I admire.  I recently found this list of attributes that he says are apparent in people living meaningful lives. Gratitude: People who actively develop an attitude of gratitude and express gratitude regularly are happier people. Positive Thinking:  People who guard their thinking and whose thinking is rooted in faith are happier than pessimistic, negative thinkers.  They are also more successful. Purpose and Calling:  People who recognize and […]

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