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What makes us a better place to work? My goal is to be the “best blue-collar employer” in the markets we serve.  I use the term “blue collar” as an acknowledgement that our work is hard, exposed to the outdoor elements and not for sissies. So, we aren’t going to have yoga classes and free massages that hi-tech companies are proud of describing.  But we can still create an environment where people feel valued and

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“Complacency is a blatant disregard for what is right.”  – Nick Saban, Alabama football coach. There is a three-part video series on Alabama football on an app called Athletic. I’m a fan of Coach Saban’s program and the approach he brings to things.  He has a staff member in charge of the health and performance of his players. Turns out each player wears a sensor which records each player’s physical effort in the course of

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“Immediately” – My pastor asked a group of us to consider that word recently. We all use it.  But, why should we or why would we be immediate?  What does it cost when we are not? Immediate should not mean impulsive.  We should be contained enough to avoid knee jerk responses to things. Immediate should not mean reckless.  We should be aware of the circumstances and the risks before moving boldly ahead. Being immediate is

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Affirmation And Encouragement Shows You Care

When giving feedback, consider using this pattern: Don’t do (that), Do (this). A “don’t do” statement is evaluative.  Many times, we avoid evaluative comments or direction because it is perceived as judgmental or harsh.  I have often adhered to this strategy. But, I read recently that evaluative feedback is often more memorable.  Maybe because it’s stark. Maybe because it can sting a little.  But, it’s still more memorable. The logic is this: It’s the feedback

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If you are around me much, you know I latch on to phrases and use them to illustrate a point.  I’ve used one several times in the last few days, so I’m prompted to share it with you: “No matter how thin you cut it, there are always two sides.” In my role of CEO, occasionally folks bring me disputes to resolve.  Someone will contact me and tell me a grievance.  More times than not,

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Can you see opportunities and risks when they start approaching?

I hang out at the beach when I can.  Was watching some kids’ body surf with “boogie” boards. On a boogie board, the difference between a good ride and a poor one is timing.  On this particular day, the waves were good for body surfing.  But, not everyone was getting a good ride. I paid attention to the technique.  The best rides came when the rider made an early call. If you’re not familiar with

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It-s Doing Not Hoping That Makes A Difference

It’s doing not hoping that makes a difference.  It’s doing not wishing that makes a difference.  It’s doing not planning that makes a difference.  It’s doing not knowing that makes a difference.  Andy Stanley was teaching a lesson about what should happen when your life isn’t what you want it to be.  His teaching focused on “doing”.   It was a pretty simple offering.  First, he said that we should stop “doing” things that we do

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Changing after 17 years

I’m changing offices after 17 years. Emptying my drawers. Purging file cabinets. Examining bookcases. Moving reminds you of the importance of “leaning” up your work environment and gives you an opportunity to do so. Let me confess: when it comes to my office, I don’t practice what I preach regarding lean. As I cleaned up, I found things that were no longer useful. Cassette tapes. Obsolete plugs. Things that once seemed “collectible” that now seem

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Psychic Rewards

My pastor noted on Sunday that professional athletes often gain or lose their jobs based on whether they are “good in the locker room.” In my experience, this goes one of two ways.  Some athletes who are talented get cut because they are “poison” to the team.  Other athletes, who may see age or injury diminish their skills, keep their job longer because of the intangible benefits they bring along. Having grown up in athletic

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Tour Ready

“Tour ready” all the time. If I popped in your work area tomorrow with a visitor, would you be proud to show us around? Is housekeeping the way you like it? Safety rules in order? Equipment in working order? A healthy level of productivity? The whole team engaged? I learned a long time ago that you can’t fake it for a tour. If you don’t act like a tour is coming tomorrow every day, it

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Leaders create environments bound and energized by loyalty, affection, and mutual support. One of the best ways to “happen to the world” is to be intentional about having an impact on your environment. Environments come in all shapes and sizes. We work in small groups. We all have families. If you lead, you’re always involved in the state of your environment. If you are the leader and don’t work on your environment, it will be

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My music genre of choice is Country. Lyrics are frequently laugh-out-loud funny but sometimes they’re poignant. I heard performer and writer Billy Currington sing a song yesterday. The refrain went like this: Walk a little straighter, daddy You’re swaying side to side. Your footsteps make me dizzy And no matter how I try, I keep tripping and stumbling. If you’d look down here, you’d see. Walk a little straighter, daddy You’re leading me. We have

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A colleague sent me this meme yesterday. It was titled – “Three Simple Rules in Life.” If you don’t ever GO after what you want in life, you will never have it. If you don’t ever ASK, the answer will always be NO. If you do not step forward, you will always be in the same place. One of the goals I have for all teammates in our enterprise is that we make a difference.

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