A Belated Happy Father’s Day

A belated Happy Father’s Day to all of you fathers out there.

I hope that you received all the honor and praise that was due from your children. If your father was about to be honored, I hope you took time to salute him.

The latest societal trends in America indicate that there is a real crisis occurring when it comes to fathers. 25% of kids are being raised by single mothers. In certain impoverished communities that number is raised up to almost 70%. Kids living without the influence of their fathers are more likely to be depressed, to have a criminal record and to drop out of high school.

I was listening to a talk today about fathers. The speaker said a couple of things:

Nobody gets a perfect father.
Therefore, since no father is perfect, every father has a duty to work to be better because improvement is always possible.

It is the nature of our business to employ a majority of men. As I was listening to the talk today, I was wondering how we measure up as dads.

Are we working to provide our kids an identity and high self esteem so that depression isn’t an issue?

Are we active in teaching them “right and wrong” and exposing them to good opportunities for role models so that a life of crime is less possible?

Are we reading with them, reviewing their homework, praising them for academic achievements and helping them to see the value of an education so that it might be possible for them to achieve success in life?

It’s popular to be wished “Happy Father’s Day” in the middle of June. But, as I reflected on it this morning, I was reminded of the effort and selflessness necessary the other 364 days a year to assure that each Father’s Day is truly a day of joy.

So, Happy Father’s Day to all of you dads out there. But, today it’s time to get back to work on one of the key responsibilities you have in life.

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