Craig Parrott, our general manager in Butner, described in an operations meeting this week how Purpose, Pride, and Passion contribute to team-building efforts.

Every person on the team needs to understand the Purpose of their role. It’s a predictor of organizational success. When every person hits the door knowing what’s expected and how they contribute to the team’s success, it builds consistency and trust which are foundational to success.

A strong sense of Purpose builds Pride. We’ve begun to ask our teams to be “tour ready” all the time. One scenario we’ve suggested is to make the area where you work the way you would want it to be if your family was coming through to look at it.  You’d point out the things a trained eye would see.  You’d highlight the things that help you fulfill your Purpose.  Hopefully, you are proud of the distinctions.

If you know your Purpose and fulfill it with Pride, you develop Passion for the role.  Passionate people go the extra mile.  Passionate people consistently grow and change.

It’s a dynamic formula:  Purpose, Pride, and Passion

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