A Father’s Legacy

I hope all of you had a good Father’s Day yesterday whether as a father or a child.

 For me, it was both. All my kids took time to honor me with their kind and loving words.

 My dad has been dead for 30 years. Yesterday would have been his 84th birthday. While he has been away more years of my life than he lived, I benefit every day from his legacy.

 My dad had a commanding presence. He laughed loud. Could drink hard. Was a bit profane. Was the life of a party. Everyone loved him.

 As I recall his legacy, he had a few goals for us:

 1. “You’re going to college.” He never went. He insisted all of his four kids would go. He saw us all go. He believed education was a key. He knew it had cost him not to have one.

 2. ” I’ll work so you can play.” My dad had to work as a child. He missed out on things like team sports as a high school student. He and my mother made sure I didn’t miss out.

 3. “You will have it (life) better than I did.” Having been born right after the Great Depression, the goal having it “better” seemed to be important to him and many others of his generation.

I miss my Dad, but his legacy is that he had ambition for his kids that surpassed his own. He worked hard to assure those ambitions were fulfilled. My hope is there is some way in eternity that he can see that his dreams have been attained. I know he would be proud.

How about you who are parents? What’s your ambition for your kids? How have you communicated it? Are you diligent to help them achieve it?

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