A Lesson in Persistence from Hazlehurst Teammate

Gale O’Quinn handles accounts receivable for us in Hazlehurst.

A long time ago, one of our very large customers skipped an invoice. The customer keyed in a wrong number and the massive system that pays the checks couldn’t match up our invoice to the wrong number.

What should have been a simple fix, got rerouted into a big ordeal. Finding someone in the massive company who would acknowledge the mistake and pay us took much longer than it should have. In fact, at one point, we considered giving up.

But, Gale wouldn’t quit. She sent email after email. She blew up message boxes on telephones with persistent messages. She finally got someone who would own the problem. We finally got paid.

Sometimes things look large and insurmountable. It is easy to give up. Many do.

Her teammates admired Gale’s efforts. It inspired them to approach challenges with grit and persistence. They believed it was a story to be told.

Have a knotty problem in production that isn’t getting resolved easily? Gale says find another way.

Have a potential customer who won’t call you back? Gale says blow up their phone until they do.

Have a production level you are having difficulty achieving? Gale says try something different.

Here’s to not giving up. Persistence and grit win.

Thanks, Gale, for inspiring us all.

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