Joe Ehrmann was a pro football player who spent his adult life coaching football with underprivileged kids.  His amazing success has been documented in several books.  My favorite was Season of Life by Jeff Marx.

Ehrmann says there are five questions one must answer to have a full, satisfying life.  They are worth considering.

The five “I” questions to ask of yourself:

1.) Identity:  Who am I?

How do you describe yourself in the world?  Your first few words will describe the priorities you have and what you feel you contribute.

2.) Integrity:  What do I stand for?

What can people expect from you?  Are you reliable, consistent, accountable?  Can others derive what values you hold dear based on the behavior they observe and experience?

3.) Intimacy:  Who will love me and whom will I love?

Do you have deep relationships?  Do you care about others in a heartfelt way?

4.) Interdependence:  Whom will I stand with?

Who is on your team?

5.) Industry:  What can I do with my life?

Do you believe that what you do every day matters?

The questions stand alone, not needing much explanation.  They provide a meaningful assessment tool. If your life isn’t what you want it to be, I believe you can find direction through this self-searching inventory.

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