Achieving a Lean Culture

For us to achieve a “lean” culture, it has to become an everyday activity. For every person.

We get stuck sometimes waiting for someone to start something lean. But the truth is, everyone has that capability.

For one thing, you can always refer to the concept of 6S as it relates to the workspace you and your team occupy. Is it clean? Is it organized? Is there stuff in the way? Are there things that are a safety risk? Do you have the tools to get your job done close by?

Many of those things you can handle. You can clean. You can straighten. You can gather up wasted stuff, take it to the supervisor and ask where it should go since you don’t use it. You can point out safety concerns. You can point out what you need.

From what I’ve observed, the more you do lean things consistently, the more it becomes a habit.

Further, once you have accomplished things through lean methods, the more it becomes a standard for performance. That’s the way you begin to roll.

Lean people are “other focused.” They have high standards and they grow higher. They accomplish things that others value.

It’s a great philosophy to embrace as a person. You will prosper if you do it.

If we can achieve it as a company, we will prosper as well.

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