Achieving a “Lean” Culture

“Lean” thinking creates a willingness to try new things.

We have taught 6S which focuses on safely reorganizing our spaces and establishing ways to maintain it.

We have done Kaizen events which are intensive efforts to transform a place or a process in a hurry.

As you do these things, we hope it changes your way of looking at the world, especially at work.

We hope that when you see disorder, your mind says “that’s not lean.”

We hope that when you see inefficiency, your mind says “that’s not lean.”

We hope that when you see wasted time, motion or materials, your mind says “that’s not lean.”

We will have achieved a “lean” culture when on the occasion you see something that isn’t “lean,” you take action to address it.

Address it by trying something different.

Address it by discussing it with teammates to brainstorm alternatives that would be better.

Address it by bringing it to the attention of plant leaders or experts who have the ability to help improve the situation.

“Lean” is a mindset. It’s also driven by action.

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